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So apparently I was supposed to do something with a coworker or friend or something and met him at a park within the downtown area of where I lived. We were having a conversation but it honestly wasn't all that important because I don't remember what it was about. THEN SUDDENLY, some guy comes up to me and tries to sell me something. Clearly this was a more pressing issue because I answered him and humored him as to what he wanted to sell to me. This random person wanted to sell me an alcoholic drink that him and his friend were mixing and tried to make it sound like it was the fucking most amazing drink ever. The more this person was talking, the more I got that sinking feeling that "ah shit I should not have talked to this shady ass motherfucker." So he gives me a deal, "I'll sell it to you at 30 cents per drink." And honestly at this point I wanted him out of my face so I gave him a dollar and he got super excited and was like, "OH MAN YOU WANT TWO OF THEM? THAT'S AWESOME IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE REALLY INTERESTED THEN." I think at this point I'm screaming internally about how badly I fucked up and just tried to go "yeah yeah give me the fucking stupid shady ass drinks and get the fuck out of my face." However it didn't really sink in until a second later that I'm purchasing some home brew, bootleg alcohol for thirty-fucking-cents until he brings out two WATER BOTTLES and hands them over to me and says, "Hey man thank you so much for helping out our small business venture, we should meet again tomorrow to make future sales so how about we come back here the same time and we'll keep talking." I really just didn't give a shit at this point in time and give him the dollar, put the two water bottles in this shopping cart I randomly found, and walked away. I immediately ditch the shopping cart into the park's office building (just pinned it up against the wall). 

Moral of the story: Don't let people sell you home brew liquor in a water bottle. 


Lapis Lazuli - Fly Free in Space by DarkRavage
Lapis Lazuli - Fly Free in Space
I’m really, really, REALLY, looking forward to the new Steven Universe, and it’d be nice to see Lapis fly free into space again. 
Lavee - Hi thar by DarkRavage
Lavee - Hi thar
Bwoop boop bloop boop

I haven't really decided if I wanted him to talk or just make sounds.
Garnet Ultra Gauntlets by DarkRavage
Garnet Ultra Gauntlets
I really like the episode where Steven retells Garnet’s adventure via DBZ fashion and she manifested ULTRA GAUNTLETS to fight onion ring man. MAYBE LATER SHE COULD DO THAT FOR REALSIES AND LIKE STOMP JASPER AND IT’D BE TOTALLY BADASS X2.

Planetary Annihilation - Boat Cannon by DarkRavage
Planetary Annihilation - Boat Cannon
That one time I played Planetary Annihilation against someone who turtled the whole planet. They just kept killing all my bots from my unit cannon with holkins, all my satellites with unbrella, anti-nuke my nukes, and shut down my all my teleporters. There were no moons or annihilasers either. I honestly wish you could launch boast into space and just have them crash into other planets. 

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